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Outbound contact center software

An Outbound contact center is a platform that enables a series of agents to contact their customers or prospective customers through a number of channels including voice, e-mail, SMS, instant messaging, chat and social media. These contact centers perform intensive outbound activities such as information campaigns, telemarketing, collections, etc.

The advantages of multi-channel outbound calling are many. Today’s customers can be reached through many channels other than voice which usually provide more flexible contacting times than the voice channel.
Outbound messaging is especially helpful when dealing with contacts which require to be recorded at some degree, such as for collections or official notifications.

Outbound contact centers can greatly benefit from using contact center solutions, such as CTI and CRM integration and automatic dialing, which allow for improved productivity, monitoring and reporting operations and automation for other business processes.

Presence Voice Outbound software provides a flexible outbound dialing platform that emphasizes operational efficiency and empowers business users to adapt to changing requirements. It provides contact centers with the ability to effectively contact their customers and prospective customers, while maximizing contact center resources. Presence achieves this by leveraging the existing infrastructure to gather data for outbound calling and ensuring that only live contacts are delivered to agents.