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Presence Technology Brochures.


Presence for Banking and Financial Services

Presence for Banking and Financial Service is the multichannel software solution for Contact Centers that increases productivity, decreases operational costs, improves service levels, and increases customer satisfaction. The Presence solution has been designed so agents can personalize financial services and offers, according to business rules, resulting in better sales and business generation.

Contact Center solution for Collections

Any business that requires customers to pay bills faces the monumental challenge of collecting the payment in full and on time. Collections efforts have traditionally been driven from a manual outbound calling effort, which is expensive and cumbersome. Although the current economic climate has created a larger need for collections, recovery agencies are still faced with cost constraints and budget cuts, all while adhering to federal guidelines that dictate the collections procedure. Presence for Collections offers a complete multi-channel Contact Center solution, which incorporates automation and compliance, contributing to the increased profitability of your business and simplifying management of collections.

Contact Center solution for Education

Higher education institutions and universities need a Contact Center system to manage the vast number of student and 3rd party requests, as well as to support an emergency notification system. Universities rely on recruitment, donations and sizeable tuitions to succeed, so it is critical they provide superior levels of service and safety measures. However, public and state universities are often faced with limited budgets, so it is necessary to implement a system that not only helps lower operating costs, but retains the quality of service. Presence for Education offers higher education institutions a scalable multi-channel Contact Center solution, which allows for effective communication, as well as facilitating an efficient notification system, while reducing costs.

Contact Center solution for Government

In the current economy, government agencies are challenged to meet public expectations, while obtaining substantial cost savings and productivity. Presence Technology offers an all-in-one call center solution designed to effectively assist the public sector, controlling ever tightening government budgets. The Presence solution is convenient and user friendly, allowing cross agency functionality and response.

Contact Center solution for Healthcare

Contact Centers in the Healthcare industry play a vital role for both patients and providers. Healthcare providers need a system in place, whereby they can best utilize their contact centers in an efficient way, without losing the quality of the patient support. Presence for Healthcare offers a solution to support the needs of both patients and providers, with a multi channel contact center platform, which enhances and improves patient and provider communication in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Contact Center solution for Insurance

Insurance is a fiercely price competitive industry, in which consumers are faced with a myriad of choices – obtaining the desired coverage for the lowest cost. It is therefore critical for insurers to not only attract new customers, but to retain current customers by providing excellent customer service and superior claims processing. Insurers want to provide a consistent, tailored customer experience that flows seamlessly from one channel to another as the conversation demands. Presence Technology empowers both insurers and customers with an all-in-one, multi channel contact center solution.

Contact Center solution for Outsourcers

Presence Technology is the Productivity Partner for Outsourcers. We help clients exceed goals, increasing revenue and contacts per hour. Presence is the #1 go to solution for the world’s leading contact center management providers, and top outsourcers in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Contact Center solution for Retail

The retail market is tremendously competitive. Consumers are not only very price conscious in the slow economy, they are very savvy about price matching and finding the lowest cost. New obstacles such as daily deal websites compete head to head with traditional retail outlets. Therefore, the retail industry has to constantly strive to stay ahead in the game – by offering superior customer service, while increasing revenue and minimizing operational costs. Presence Technology’s all-in-one, multi channel contact center solution streamlines the customer service process for both agents and consumers.

Contact Center solution for Travel

The travel industry is extremely competitive due to factors such as Internet tools and discount websites. With the myriad of options that travelers are offered, they can easily take their business elsewhere, so it is important for companies that cater to the traveler to offer superior customer service. Travelers are often looking for value and travel deals, so it is also essential that travel operators look for ways to cut operational costs, while maintaining the quality of service. Presence for Travel addresses the needs and concerns of both the traveler and the travel provider.

Contact Center ACD (brochure)

Presence Technology manufactures the most complete and modular all-in-one Suite for Contact Centers. It can be deployed on premise, managed or as a hosted solution.

Web Solutions (Brochure)

Presence Technology Web Apps is the new generation of Contact Center Applications - 100% Web. Presence Web Apps offers your Contact Center the ability to update and maintain Agent applications without distributing and installing software on numerous client computers. Presence Web Apps has inherent support for cross-platform compatibility.
Solution´s product list
  • Presence Web Agent
  • Presence Web Supervisor
  • Presence Web Scripting