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Presence Products Overview.


Presence WebRTC

WebRTC technology aims to provide web browsers with capabilities to manage real-time communications natively. It does not require installation or any plug-in.

Outbound Dialer (Position Paper)

Built based on years of contact center experience, Presence Outbound Dialer is a robust, scalable technology solution which integrates seamlessly with all the modules in the Presence Suite for complete management and automation of contact centers of any size and across any industry.

Scripting (Position Paper)

Presence Scripting is designed specifically to simplify and guide the work of agents, managers and supervisors to make campaigns more effective and contact centers as a whole more productive. With both design and productions environments working together seamlessly, Presence Scripting ensures changes made in sales scripts can be tested without affecting campaigns in progress.

Scripting Product Sheet

The Presence Scripting module is a powerful tool for creating and publishing scripts. It seamlessly integrates with other Presence Suite modules. Unlike other products, it requires no previous knowledge of programming or database management. Technical complexities are managed by Presence Scripting, thus creating a script or application for your Contact Center is as easy as making selections among the different “objects” and grouping them according to the service workflow.

Social Media (Product Sheet)

Presence Social Media launches a new communication channel between Contact Centers and the public community. This solution connects clients through social networks, and it standardizes the interface among these channels – Tweeting, blogging, or even instant messaging – with no need to change the Contact Center’s current features, and no increase in operational costs.

Recording Product Sheet

Presence Recording is an easy to use platform, requiring little maintenance. It can record calls with or without the agent screen, and be utilized for quality assurance as well as compliance. Recording can be activated with predefined scheduling or launched manually on demand. Presence Recording guarantees reliability in its implementation, which can be crucial in scenarios such as healthcare emergencies.