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Inbound contact center software

An Inbound Contact Center is a business area responsible for managing inbound contacts using multiple communication channels including voice, e-mail, SMS, chat, social media, etc. The platform management involves a management team, formed by platform supervisors, administrators and a number of contact center agents, who can be specialized for certain tasks.

Inbound Contact solutions provide centralized management of all contact center channels in a single unified queue, in what is known as multi-channel blending. Some of these contact center software solutions also allow for integration with other business tools such as CRM software or internal databases. Integration with other technologies such as intelligent routing strategies, contact management scripting for agents and outbound dialers are also possible.

These inbound platforms pioneered in using contact center technology and they make up the core of most customer services platforms. Nowadays, more and more channels are being incorporated.

Presence Voice Inbound (PVI), inbound contact center software, helps Contact Centers manage their incoming call flow. Agents can handle phone calls in a professional, customized, quick way thanks to PVI integration with other corporate tools like CRM and databases. This allows agents to review the customer’s information through a pop-up window for smoother call management.