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IEMAS Financial Services

contact center iemasIemas Financial Services started as a humble staff loan facility within Iscor in 1937 and has grown to become the largest Trade Co-operative in South Africa providing financing and insurance products to more than 550 employer groups such as Exxaro, Sasol Ltd., Anglo Coal, Avusa, Astral Foods Ltd, Medi-Clinic etc.

Iemas is a member organisation whereby our members enjoy the full benefits which we have to offer. One of the benefits is that a part of the annual profits are paid back to members in the form of an annual member benefit distribution and they also build up a substantial savings account. In 2011, Iemas paid R95.9 million back to members.

The Iemas footprint consists out of more than 30 branches, regional offices, a contact centre and service points throughout South Africa. The Iemas contact centre was opened in 2007 at Iemas Head Office, Centurion. It has grown at a rapid pace into a well-oiled machine. With a staff compliment of more than 60 employees, one of the primary focuses is not only the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of the contact centre consultants but also their training and development to increase sales. It is not without its challenges but we are proud to say that the Iemas Contact Centre is making great strides in the financial industry.

REGION: Africa
SECTOR: Financial


Iemas Financial Services