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Hosted call center software

A hosted call center platform is deployed on the provider’s premises or a third party’s hosted site instead of the client’s premises. Call centers can be set up so all the equipment except for the agent terminals are on the hosted platform, or alternatively maintaining certain machines on the premises, which is known as hybrid architecture.

Due to the nature of the activities performed in call centers, hosted platforms must meet a series of additional requirements that are not necessary in other environments. Call centers make an extremely intensive use of voice communications, which have higher performance requirements. Therefore they need a higher bandwidth and a shorter maximum delay than communications based on other channels, like text or Internet.

Some businesses may prefer or be required by law to keep sensitive or valuable information on their own premises, so they have a higher degree of control over this information. This could be the case if the hosted call center platform and the client’s premises are in different countries and there are laws to prevent certain information from being stored in another country.

Presence Technology offers a variety of solutions to improve contact center performance and capabilities. The Presence Suite can be implemented as a hosted, on-premises or hybrid platform, allowing for compliance with any required architecture.