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Call center script software

Call center scripting solutions allow for the use of contact handling scripts by call center agents. These scripts can provide agents with strategies, counterarguments and standardized texts in order to make the handling process as easy and effective as possible. These texts can be either static and fix, or flexible and organic, depending on the natural flow of the call.

Call center scripts can also have access to data stored in multiple repositories, such as business databases, data warehouses and CRMs. This way all the relevant information about the contact can be shown to the agent in a single window and under a unified interface. Integration with CTI tools also allows the agents to qualify the contacts from the script.

Presence Scripting is the call scripting software solution offered by Presence Technology to provide contact centers with advanced script designing and usage capabilities. Presence Scripting integrates natively with all the other modules of the Presence suite, allowing for recording, e-mail, and IVR out-of-the-box integration. Presence Scripting is able to access data from a variety of sources and through different methods, including database access, web integration, http requests and Automation Object integration. Information stored in the scripts can be easily accessed for its use in tailor-made reports that are generated with Presence Custom Reports.