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Call Center Dialer Software

Preview dialers allow the contact center agents to decide when to place the call after showing them the contact information. To make the call, the agent simply needs to click a single button.

Power or preview dialers call only when there is an agent available in order to guarantee that the agent will still be available if the call is answered by the customer, and therefore, preventing an abandoned call.

Predictive dialing software calculates the likelihood of a call to be answered and makes a number of simultaneous calls based on this probability. This way, the agent working time is close to 100%, avoiding idle times.

Presence Voice Outbound call software provides all dialing modes in a flexible outbound dialing platform that emphasizes operational efficiency and empowers business users to adapt to changing requirements. Presence Outbound call center software provides contact centers with the ability to effectively contact their customers and prospects, while maximizing contact center resources. Presence achieves this by leveraging the existing infrastructure to gather data for outbound calling and ensuring that only live contacts are delivered to agents.