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Call blending software

Call blending is a feature of certain call center platforms that allows a single call center agent to seamlessly handle contacts from more than one service, regardless of whether they are inbound or outbound.

Call blending software offers a series of performance advantages to call centers, so it is currently used in the majority of medium to big sized call centers.
Call blending allows for an easier scalability of the call center size and agent working hours scheduling. Outbound campaigns and services can be taken care of during those hours in which the inbound traffic is lower.

Call Blending solutions provide centralized management of all calls in a single, unified queue. Some of these solutions also allow for integration with other business tools such as CRM software or internal databases. Integration with other technologies such as intelligent routing strategies, contact management scripting for agents and outbound dialers is also possible. Blending can also be performed between services handling a variety of channels (e-mail, SMS, chat, web call back), which is known as multichannel blending.

Presence Technology offers a variety of solutions and modules capable of managing all call center activities. All presence modules integrate natively with the suite’s unified core. The Presence suite allows for an easy, powerful and stable exploitation of call blending capabilities, providing call center supervisors with a complete set of real time monitors and historical reports to analyze the platform performance.