Why Do Scripting Solutions Matter in the Call Center?

Contact Center script
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Contact Center script
Everyone has answered the phone only to find an obviously uninformed contact center agent stumbling over the finer points of why it is important to purchase a particular product or service. The uninspired tone, the disingenuous hello, and the nervous pitch all give away the fact that the agent is woefully unprepared. Most customers hang up before the agent even gets too far into their script simply because it comes across so forced! The reality is that the contact center agents to whom you speak would be far more effective, and happier, if the proper training had taken place, and if a tested script had been offered as a starting point! Scripting solutions, utilized in conjunction with automated outbound dialing, can turn a negative into a positive by increasing customer-centricity and agent productivity through customized interactions enhanced by contact-specific data and business details which minimize introduction errors.


By identifying buying habits, customer preferences and consumer demographics, it is possible to develop intelligent sales messages that will not only reach, but persuade, a target audience to purchase complex products or services. Contact centers providing inbound and outbound services today across multiple channels – direct-to-consumer, phone, email, web portal, social media, SMS, etc. – are increasingly challenged to maintain service quality while providing a pleasant and personalized customer experience. Scripting solutions improve overall agent effectiveness by unifying customer data across multi-channel campaigns, enabling agents to locate and open complementary information according to pre-selected values, authority levels and business rules, depending on the service strategy, and regardless of complexity. Scripting solutions elevate the quality of personalized service contact center agents are able to provide by helping them craft the perfect message based on the customer they are calling. With the right information at their fingertips, scripted agents can quickly enrich customer interactions by incorporating contextual data at exactly the right time. Scripting thereby helps multi-channel agents reduce the average time of contact management (TMO), improve the customer experience, and make more of the right contacts.

Today, the best scripting solutions are flexible, and allow business users to build scripts without programming knowledge. In fact, supervisors or managers can build scripts for specific agents, or campaigns, or even tailor scripts to fit the needs of certain geographic locations or demographics. Changes can now be made on-the-fly, eliminating downtime and delays in campaigns since waiting on IT to alter script details is a thing of the past. Additionally, scripting solutions allow managers to monitor the evolution of service production and campaign results in real-time through the use of statistical data which can be analyzed via standard or customized reports specific to campaign, agent, contact, or even business interaction.

Scripting solutions increase the ability of agents to connect with more customers and prospects by raising the quality of multi-channel customer services, optimizing workflow, and providing greater internal controls over inbound customer service and outbound campaigns. Multi-channel campaigns almost demand the talents. According to recent Forrester research, scripting solutions can increase first call resolution (FCR) by as much as 17%, and up agent productivity across the board by approximately 36%. Such a significant increase in FCR and agent productivity means scripting solutions make it possible for companies to close more sales and achieve better business results by enhancing the effectiveness of contact centers and outbound dialers.

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