Contact Center Outbound Campaigns Case Study: The Direct Travel Team

Contact Center Outbound Campaigns
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The Direct Travel Team, British company focused on telemarketing and sales, needed optimization of its contact center outbound campaigns. It had a 100% manual dialing platform. Its telemarketing agents dedicated very few of their time really talking with customers, which resulted in low productivity and efficiency

The company decided to implement Enghouse Interactive´s predictive dialer to solve these issues. Consequently, it managed to automate its contact center outbound campaigns and increase sales.

Improving productivity and motivating agents

As a result of eliminating time occupied by agents on manually dialing records, The Direct Travel Team increased productivity and efficiency of its contact center. The solution sends only live calls where customers are ready to talk. Detecting busy tones and automatic answering machines, hence commercial management can be focused on what really matters: selling.

Likewise, increase in sales came with bigger income for agents, represented in commissions. In this way, their motivation levels improved and the company received positive feedback from its employees about the predictive dialer usage.

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