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Presence Technology addresses Cloud Contact Center 2.0 supported by "Plan Avanza" and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

Dez 04, 2012

The project has been selected by its innovation and added value for the development of the Spanish ICT sector

Presence Technology, a worldwide provider of multi-channel Contact Center solutions, has received support from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through "Plan Avanza" to address a pioneering project for the Contact Center industry. Presence Technology has been selected for the innovation, value and contribution of their project to the development of Information Technologies sector.

About Presence Technology

Presence Technology, a leading worldwide provider of multi-channel Contact Centre solutions, is enabling Contact Centres to optimize resources and increase efficiency in the communications process with their customers. Its award winning software solutions are consistently recognized for quality and innovation. Presence has a portfolio of global clients serviced by a team of highly skilled professionals and a network of strategic partners in Europe, Africa, North America and Latin America.

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