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Whitney International University System

Whitney is an outsourcing business services company for educational institutions in Colombia, subsidiary of Whitney International University System that provides support in financial, administrative, technological and marketing and sales. It also provides consultancy in developing virtual education programs

Whitney is part of Red Ilumno, nonprofit organization composed of ten innovative institutions that offer higher education programs both presently and in distance in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay and Peru.

Our Client's results endorse our projects

Whitney international university's students care and services center in Colombia, manages the operation for its Educational Institutions in Panama, Costa Rica, USA (Miami), Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Colombia with the Presence Multichannel Technology, obtaining:

Benefits obtained with Presence

-Ease of use
-Improved Outbound Campaigns Management
-Records Management Control
-Integration with CRM and Landing Pages

Results Obtained with Presence

-Leads managed per year increased 72%
-Efficiency improved by 35%

Caribbean & Latin America
SECTOR: Education

Download Case Study: Case Study Whitney University