Offer your customers communication and support like no other. From anywhere and through any channel.

Our cloud-based Contact Center solution, helps companies offer excellent customer experience while meeting business targets. All thanks to its flexibility, scalability and security.

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Why Presence SmartCloud?


Use and pay for what you need. A flexible licensing scheme that allows combining 2 packages dynamically according to the needs in each moment.

Premium Security

With Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure, and a safe and redound connection. Keep all your data and services always available and secure.


Without limitations of licenses to hold you, back during seasonal demand. SmartCloud allows you to add seats and channels to meet your needs. You only need to focus on your business.

Improved Cash Flow

Use just what you need for your business. Unexpected increases will be invoiced later.


Solution based on Microsoft Azure, which guarantees its availability from anywhere and at any time.

IT Resources Development

Improve your teams’ efficiency and do not worry about support for your Contact Center Omni channel solution. End-to-End support.

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Measurable Outcomes


+55% Contacts per hour
+17% Resolution on first call
+36% Agent productivity
+17% Occupation of the agent
+24% Sales per Hour
/ Conversion Levels


-15% Average time per interaction (BMT)
-33% Maintenance costs
-38% Agent training costs
-70% Time-to-Market
-42% Total cost of ownership (TCO)
-57% Technical support

Enable Remote Working

100% web operating environment, no need for program instalation in your contact center