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Plus Contacto was founded in 2008 by Alfonso Andrés and José A. Álvarez, two professionals who, after 15 years in the industry, combine an extensive knowledge in the area of operations with provplus contacto logoen experience in the technology implementation of Call Centers in Spain and Latin America. 

We opened the first center with 40 people working for a telemarketing service. In 5 years we had grown by more than 400, and thanks to our way of doing things, we continue to grow with the client with which we began our activity.In 2013 we made a significant investment that has resulted in the opening of a new workplace, doubling the previous capacity management. We provide traditional contact center services: Customer Service, Back Office and Telephone sales. In these years we have managed to position ourselves as a reliable company with a high degree of specialization in sales processes. We're up 100% commitment and results oriented. We clearly understand the business needs of our customers, which has allowed us to gain a competitive advantage over other companies. As a business strategy we seek to satisfy our customers through the involvement and commitment of our team. Our way of working is what sets us apart, one of our priorities that people part of Plus Contacto are proud of it. Our success is the result of the work environment that permeates the company and a dedicated human resources policy :

• 98% of workers have a permanent contract Plus Contact ensuring them greater job security. In this circumstance projects are derived stable with low turnover and high profitability for our customers.

• Personnel selection based on qualifications, skills and experience. Our goal is to create high performance teams with maximum involvement.

• Renewed and different continuous training for all employees. We invest in our methodology to update and innovate. Our training is always dynamic and effective. We investigated how to be better every day.

• Our two facilities are located in the center of a small town. Workers come to the office on foot or bicycle, enjoying,  more leisure time and being more productive during their working day.

• Managing emotions is an essential part of our daily work and this is reflected in the results.

• We do not just pay workers marking the Collective Agreement. Not only reward them financially in terms of performance but also make them live unique moments

• We firmly believe in internal promotion as a motivator for our team's item. Thus, we get the job done and improving productivity is recognized.

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