WhatsApp and Social Media

Gain a competitive advantage by integrating social media and WhatsApp into your customer service strategy

WhatsApp is the most common communication channel in the world, followed by social media messaging applications. Users not only communicate with other users, but increasingly, use them as a channel of communication with brands.

This data, together with the growing trend to manage or resolve incidents in a self-managed way, exposes an opportunity to implement chatbots across all these channels.


A customer service strategy that facilitates self-service through Enghouse Interactive´s chatbot on social media or WhatsApp will allow you to:

  • Improve the customer journey, by making it easier for users to decide where, how, and when to interact with a company.
  • Offer a true omnichannel experience delivering comprehensive communications irrespective of the channel with the complete aggregation of information.
  • Increase in customer information and preferences through data analytics and artificial intelligence tools.