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PBX solutions

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switch owned by a private company or institution. The PBX is in charge of managing call and voice communication. The most common features include an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), in charge of call routing and distribution, and basic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionalities. Other advanced features can include automated outbound dialing (autodialing) protocols (predictive, progressive, etc.), call forwarding and blocking, night service, voice mail, etc.

Corporate PBXs can be installed either on the client’s premises or on a hosted platform. Hosted PBXs are often provided by telephone operators and have a series of advantages such as allowing access by multiple modes (including cell phones, VOIP, etc.), allowing geographical distribution while keeping a single number, reduction of operational costs, etc.

Today’s PBXs are able to operate with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology, allowing for interactions between the call management and computer (either server or desktop-based) software. PBX-CTI integration is becoming more and more common for businesses with intensive phone use such as Contact Centers.

Presence Technology offers a variety of CTI solutions to improve Contact Centers. Presence Technology integrates natively with Avaya and OpenGate (Asterisk based) PBXs, and is able to integrate with any PBX in the market using OpenGate as a gateway.