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Outbound call center solutions

An Outbound call center is a specific call center platform mainly focused on outbound calling. Current outbound calling technology allows for the automation of many of these activities, including dialing, answering machine / no answer detection, and call routing to agents only once there is a customer on the other side of the line.

These call centers usually perform activities such as telemarketing, collections, information campaigns as well as proactive customer service activities, where contact is first made by the company rather than the customer.

Most of today’s outbound call centers use automated dialers in order to save time and increase productivity. These dialers can be configured to make a higher number of calls than the actual number of agents in order to compensate for the calls which did not result in customer contact. Employing aggressive configurations might result in a high abandonment rate, meaning that the dialer has succeeded in contacting the customer but there is no agent available to handle the call. This abandonment rate can be avoided by using abandonment control techniques.

Presence Voice Outbound software provides a flexible outbound dialing platform that emphasizes operational efficiency and empowers business users to adapt to changing requirements. It provides contact centers with the ability to effectively contact their customers and prospective customers, while maximizing contact center resources. Presence achieves this by leveraging the existing infrastructure to gather data for outbound calling and ensuring that only live contacts are delivered to agents.