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Customer Experience

Engaged customers are more loyal, they buy more and spend more. This is a fact. So, can we afford not to have defined our "customer commitment center”? 

Much has been said about customer experience and the client´s loyalty to the brands, but there is still a lot to discuss about the Customer Engagement Center (CEC) concept or Loyalty/commitment customer center. CEC refers to the next generation of customer service tools servicing the customer experience. The Wow! Factor is what all companies aim for, but we cannot stop there. What do companies look for with that WOW? easy: sell more, sell better with more profit. So companies need to boost their commitment center.

Customer Engagement Center

From Customers to fans, from buyers to ambassadors. That is the object of desire of this new relationship center: excellence and customer loyalty. But what are the four basic factors needed to implement a good CEC strategy?

1. Understanding the customer. It may seem obvious, but not only customers have changed, their behavior has too: the way they express themselves has changed radically. There are still companies that want to sell like 30 years ago. Ask yourself what your customer wants, what makes him happy. You will be surprised: if before he wanted "a tie to go to work" today he wants "a tie that makes him feel good." Before, he would have bought it in the store and had a relationship with the seller, now he does it through e-commerce and lacks that personal contact and commitment. Are you covering those gaps?

2. Be proactive in your business. We must ask questions like: Am I able to provide a unified experience with my brand? Is my team ready to adopt this new strategy? It is important to understand that we no longer sell to isolated entities but social people. We must be able to react quickly to change and adapt to the new and to what is to come.

3. Customizing interactions. Every interaction is an opportunity. Customers seek experiences and good experiences are activities where he feels is treated with exclusivity.

4. Being able to offer a unique Omni channel experience. According to Gartner, the Customer Engagement Centers go a step beyond multi-channel. It has integrated workflow tools capable of adding value through follow-up and monitoring. We also talk about technology capable of working with both old infrastructures and with new devices with apps, all perfectly integrated without losing information or data between devices or channels.

To successfully implement the Customer Engagement Center, it is necessary to have the right technology. In Gartner´s report: Critical Capabilities for Contact Center Infrastructure, Gartner states the features that the perfect technology solution must have to meet this new trend. Discover how technology can help you improve and monetize your Customer Loyalty Center / Customer Engagement Center.Download now this Gartner report for free.

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Contact channels other than the phone, such as email, Web self-service, chat, and so forth now account for more than 30%of customer service engagements. Even more interesting, 25% of consumers utilize one to two channels when seeking customer care and 52% of consumers utilize three or four channels. So while the call center may still be the cornerstone of your customer service channel, if you really want to provide a great customer experience you need to be where your customers are and that means becoming a multi-service contact center.

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While we are still waiting for the final numbers to come out for this year's Black Friday - Cyber Monday shopping (including Small Business Saturday), I wanted to take a moment to thank the customer service team at PayPal for what I am sure was only one of the hundreds of calls their call center handled on Friday.

I was trying to buy a Christmas gift for my friend, and the retailer gave me the option to use my PayPal account to check out. Data from 2013 shows that " approximately $13,996,600,000 was abandoned in shopping carts in just two days." I'm sure plenty of those were people window shopping or comparing deals across sites, but having PayPal definitely saved my sale, so how many millions did it earn other retailers this past weekend?

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Seventy-one percent of customers say that valuing their time is the number one thing a company can do to improve their customer support. The longer they wait on hold and the longer it takes to get their issue resolved the more frustrated they become. And frustrated customers are only a small step away from being angry customers that leave your company for the competition. And while you may think that ending a call quickly is the best way forward, if that customer has to call back 3 times to actually resolve the issue you've only made things worse. So how can you do your best to ensure that customer frustration in your contact center is kept to a minimum and issues are actually resolved?

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