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Auto-serviço no Contact Center

As empresas estão mudando para uma estratégia mais voltada para o cliente. Estamos vivendo a era do cliente. Clientes decidem quando e como querem se aproximar de uma empresa e, claro, como eles querem comprar. Eles estão percebendo que uma boa experiência do cliente tem provado ser um importante diferencial entre os concorrentes, e isso é conseguido não só com agentes devidamente treinados, mas também com as ferramentas que melhoram First Contact Resolution (FCR), atenção e informação multicanal unificado dentro do Contact Center.

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Qualquer pessoa que administra um call center sabe a importância do fator humano. A motivação da equipe e treinamento são essenciais para alcançar os objetivos estabelecidos.
Mas isso não é fácil, na verdade, pode ser uma das questões mais desafiadoras na gestão de um serviço.

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É um fato que estamos passando de relacionamentos personalizados para impessoais. A tecnologia nos permitiu a interagir com mais pessoas de uma forma mais impessoal. Por exemplo: e-mails, SMS e chat nos permitem comunicar com qualquer pessoa de qualquer empresa a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar. Isso não é apenas verdade em ambientes de negócios, mas também na nossa vida pessoal, as gerações mais jovens se comunicam através de mensagens instantâneas ou plataformas de mídia social, e nós vemos mais e mais pessoas conectadas a seus telefones inteligentes distantes das coisas reais acontecendo ao seu redor.

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Contact Center trends
It is a fact that we are moving from personalized relationships to impersonal ones. Technology has allowed us to interact with more people in a more impersonal manner. E-mails, SMS, chat allows us to communicate with anybody and any company anytime and anywhere. This is not only true in business environments but also in our personal life, younger generations communicate through instant messages platforms or social media, and we see more and more people connected to their smart phones distant from the real things happening around them.

This new way of communication has allowed us to be more agile, solve things sooner and be more productive. In fact we have seen that Communication trends, specifically within the Contact Center, have been given more and more weight to these channels as the preferred communication methods of customers with companies.
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Contact Center Agent
Anyone that manages a call center knows the importance of the human factor. The team motivation and training are key to achieve the established objectives.

But this is not easy, in fact in might be one of the most challenging issues when managing a service.

There are several aspects that count towards agent motivation that can have a direct impact on the results. To make it simple we can divide them in two. One that would address the agent directly: incentive program, work environment, acknowledgements etc.
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Aberdeen cited that the biggest driver of multi-channel support is to provide a service where customers are most active:

Contact Center waiting times

and even though the rise of online channels such as live chat, social media and email has risen dramatically over the last few years, the voice channel is still the preferred form of communication between a customer and your company. In fact, a whopping 79% of consumers would prefer to contact a customer service center over the telephone. Since the voice channel is still the preferred option, callers expect a smooth and straightforward experience. After all, your contact center has been in operation for decades, surely you've worked out all the kinks by now?

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Almost 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience. And when it comes to delivering a great customer experience you really need to focus on two things: speed and efficiency. And yes, you need both in order to have superior service! It doesn't matter how quickly the call ends if the customer has to call back because their problem wasn't totally resolved. And while most customers are willing to wait a little to have an issue resolved, being stuck on the phone for two hours is still going to leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Here are three ways you can focus on being faster and more efficient in the contact center:

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Contact channels other than the phone, such as email, Web self-service, chat, and so forth now account for more than 30%of customer service engagements. Even more interesting, 25% of consumers utilize one to two channels when seeking customer care and 52% of consumers utilize three or four channels. So while the call center may still be the cornerstone of your customer service channel, if you really want to provide a great customer experience you need to be where your customers are and that means becoming a multi-service contact center.

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Seventy-one percent of customers say that valuing their time is the number one thing a company can do to improve their customer support. The longer they wait on hold and the longer it takes to get their issue resolved the more frustrated they become. And frustrated customers are only a small step away from being angry customers that leave your company for the competition. And while you may think that ending a call quickly is the best way forward, if that customer has to call back 3 times to actually resolve the issue you've only made things worse. So how can you do your best to ensure that customer frustration in your contact center is kept to a minimum and issues are actually resolved?

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Time is money, and nowhere is that adage more true than in the contact center! The longer customers sit on hold, the longer it takes to resolve a customer service or sales call, the more times a customer has to call back in order to fix an issue, the less productive your contact center becomes overtime. Every second counts when you're trying to work through a long list of callers (especially during the holiday season!), so how can you ensure your agents are being as productive as possible? Here are four tips:

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In spite of the recent rise in popularity of web portals and other self-service options, most businesses today rely on contact centers as the heart of any effort to cut through the clutter and reach target audiences effectively. In fact, voice communications are still widely recognized as the best way to reach select individuals for event opt-in, lead qualification, debt collection, human resources (HR) issues, and even customer surveys. 
 Automated Outbound Dialing Puts Companies “In Touch”
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A história já mostrou… com a revolução da informática e da internet, a velocidade com que a informação flui e a facilidade de acesso faz com que as tecnologias sejam introduzidas cada vez mais rápido.
Tagged in: WebRTC
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Companies Contact Centers or customer services departments in many cases have not implemented the much needed procedures regarding the security of one of their most valuable assets, their client´s information.

 Managing Client´s information in a Contact Center

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It is becoming clear that, Spain’s future is tied directly to the past, taking an important key role in the economic growth Spain’s future is the tourism industry. According to data from 2012, tourism accounts for more than 15% of local GDP (Source). 

Customer service and the tourism industry

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Everyone knows how essential understanding your potential customer’s needs has become. It’s a key part of doing business today. Personalizing your offer and tailoring the message to a client´s needs and interest is more important than ever before. In fact, this realization has not only increased but also accelerated the integration of many of today’s critical technological solutions like CRM, and Marketing Automation among others.

Mastering the Customer Service Game with the Right Tools

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Based on some of the recent call experiences that friends have shared with me, it’s apparent that many companies aren’t spending training time on teaching ways for their agents to gracefully bow out of a call to a wrong contact or when the contact they reach says they aren’t right for the product due to (insert here an objection that can’t be overcome).

Creating A Great Experience With “Non-Customers”

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Automated Dialing is not new technology. It has been part of our telecommunications culture since the 1980’s. Early studies have shown as much as a 400% increase in dialing efficiency over manually dialed campaigns and right party contact rates more than doubling.  With 25 years of technology growth and an undeniable track record of success, why are there so many companies that do not take advantage of automated dialing technology?

Why should my company invest in automated dialing technology?

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(Click here to read part I).

Enter stage left, “Big Data”. But let’s be honest, is this any more than just a cool new epithet for the old analytical tools and data warehouses? In the majority of cases, probably not. However, where I do agree with exponents of Big Data is their assertion that when combining and analysing multiple data sources in new ways, often you can make startling new discoveries that you couldn’t possibly have seen before.

multi-channel contact centre
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A common theme that we pick up in every Contact Centre is that they track their KPIs. Assiduously. No, fanatically. In fact, a cynic might say that the Contact Centre is set up to serve its KPIs and not its customers. Traditional theory is that if you hit your KPIs then you’re doing well in the Contact Centre. And once you’ve hit them, then let’s raise the bar a little more and we’ll be doing even better. Let’s add to that a high positive Net Promoter Score, and all’s well. Or is it?

Big Data. Big Deal? (Part I)
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This week Presence Technology officially launched its healthcare solution, Presence for Healthcare, at the 24th Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers.  We had the pleasure of seeing some of our clients at the conference, and we met many new players in this specialized arena.  We continue to build a steady client base in the healthcare industry, as health delivery Contact Centers are increasingly playing a key role in the day to day operations.

Presence for Healthcare

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