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Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Routing (IR) for contact centers allows for the designing of contact management strategies which are capable of performing certain actions before the contact is handled by the agent. The use of intelligent call center routing solutions offers two main advantages: saving agent working time and improving first contact resolution rates.

Agent working time saving can be achieved by assigning certain actions that were traditionally performed by an agent to the initial routing strategy. Once the call reaches an agent, all the collected information will be displayed, and can as well be used to recover the contact information stored in other sources. In certain environments, there may be contacts which can be handled in a completely autonomous way by the intelligent routing strategy, without agent intervention.  The use of intelligent routing may also improve first contact resolution rates by detecting which agent, extension or service is the most suitable for the contact handling.

Presence Intelligent Routing extends customer service platform capabilities by defining business strategies to route contact center interactions over any channel. Presence Intelligent Routing routes each interaction to the best destination. By using a powerful visual interface, Presence Intelligent Routing queries one or several databases of pre-defined criteria to route and prioritize the incoming call flow to the most qualified agent.