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Contact center software

Contact center software is a series of applications and management tools that allow for the automation, monitoring and quality control of contact center operations. It differs from call center software in that it also allows for channels other than voice, such as e-mail, SMS, Chat, Instant Messaging or Social Media.

Today’s most advanced software suites for contact centers provide multi-channel blending capabilities so the call center staff can manage all types of interactions with customers regardless of their channel of choice. This applies to both agents and supervisors, since reporting and monitoring tools can also blend information for all involved channels.

The advantages of multi-channel blending are many. Today’s customers demand to have the choice about which communication channel they use to contact companies. Multi-channel blending improves the scalability of contact centers. Agents can attend to less urgent channels like e-mail during low activity times, while prioritizing voice contacts during peak hours.

Most of this contact center software can be divided in two different categories: CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). CTI manages pop-up screens, dialing, call routing and reporting functions while CRM provides a way to manage relationships between customer and company.

Presence Technology provides an all-in-one multi-channel contact center solution with both desktop and web unified end-user applications for contact center staff, allowing for Voice, Messaging (e-mail, SMS, etc.), Chat and Social Media contact management. The Presence Suite can be integrated with most CRM solutions using the Presence SDK.