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Contact center reporting solutions

Contact center reporting and monitoring allow information to be stored about key performance indicators such as conversion rates, contacts in queue, abandon rates, pending e-mails, social media signals, etc. All this information can be stored in the business database, which provides the contact center managers access to useful historical data. This way, businesses are able to guarantee and provide a certain level of service and quality regarding customer care, regardless of the channel employed.

The multi-channel nature of today’s contact centers requires that all the monitoring and reporting tools must be able to organize, display and —if needed— blend the information from all the different channels. This offers a global vision to businesses for contact center operations, level of activities and quality of service. Some Some contact center reporting solutions allow the user to easily develop ad hoc, tailor-made reports.

Presence Reporting is a group of solutions focused on improving management and control processes in Contact Centers. Contact Center Managers and Supervisors acquire total control over their campaigns and services in real time or remotely. This provides Managers and Supervisors with the right information to make decisions which improve services and productivity. Presence Custom Reports includes a wizard to guide the user step-by-step through the creation and design of reports.