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Contact center recording solutions

Contact center recording tools allow for the capturing and storing of activities produced by the contact center, whether they are audio recordings or an agent‘s daily activity log on a computer (Screen Recording). These recordings are useful for quality control, agent activity logging or for legal purposes. Contact center recording should allow logging of the contact handling regardless of the channel used.

A contact center recording solution must allow organizations to meet legal requirements and regulations. Certain requirements are mandatory for particular products or services. Furthermore, a recording solution should also include sales verification and maintain a detailed playback and export log to identify the contact. A contact center recording system must guarantee that recordings are safely stored and uncompromised and that only authorized personnel have access to it, even if it is stored on physical media (backup tape, DVD, etc.).

Presence Recording can work either under a predefined plan or on agent/script request and record both voice and agent screen. Once the call meets one or more of the defined parameters, it is recorded from beginning to end. When an agent makes a request, Presence Recording delivers a pop-up message to ask if the call should be recorded, allowing agents to decide what parts are recorded after requesting customer’s permission.