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Consulting and Optimization Services

The Consulting and Optimization Program of Enghouse Interactive is designed to transform the business operation of our customers, through a team of consultants in contact centers and the BPO industry, focused in developing tactics and strategies to take full advantage of all the features of Presence Suite. These services aim to optimize and customize the customer experience in order to improve productivity of the contact center.

Enghouse Interactive offers these value added services in the following packs:

  • Operational Workshop: review of information through a real-time model that offers operational management and a methodology that contributes to improving and optimizing compliance with key performance indicators through a regular review of the configuration of services, parametrizations and call flows in order to increase productivity of the contact center.
  • Operational Review: focused on the consolidation and deepening of the functionality of Presence Suite for increasing productivity of a specific service, through training workshops that help in the fulfillment of objectives in terms of functional use of the suite at the operational level.
  • Performance Manager: this service offers optimization and tuning activities for the Presence Suite at the operational level during the contract duration, taking full advantage of the solution though strategies, diagnosis and business information in order to provide support and best practices.


Some of the benefits obtained from engaging our consulting and optimization services:

  • Increase in dialer productivity in terms of agent occupation rates
  • Improvement in operational indicators (abandonment rate, conversion rate, contact probability rate)
  • Support in achieving business goals (sales per hour, payment deadlines, service levels)
  • Business alignment and usage of COPC indicators (permanent measurement)