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Web Scripting

Presence Web Scripting software allows Contact Centers to build complete business applications with CTI integration in record time, without any previous knowledge in programming or database management.

Highlights of Presence Web Scripting:

  • Allows the creation of customized applications completely integrated at the CTI level, without the need for programming knowledge.
  • Facilitates logical and managed flow of the contact for each one of the services.
  • Guides the agent at all times to guarantee that the customer care process is carried out in accordance with defined patterns.
  • Collects and displays information, validating that the data is correct, through an extensive object list, in order to simplify the verification: credit card, phone number, etc.
  • Offers a great variety of options enabling integration with other applications and the functional expansion of the product.
  • Integrates the Publication and Version Manager with the product.
  • Includes import, export and reporting tools.


Advantages of Presence Web Scripting:

  • Centralized applications for agents through a common Web interface which boosts productivity.
  • Decreased agent training time.
  • Significant reduction of human error.
  • Streamlined script implementation in record time.
  • Lower total cost of ownership, with no need for a specialized staff dedicated to application programming.
  • Contact Center application development requires no development skills.


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