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Presence Supervisor/Presence Web Supervisor is an online call center management tool specifically designed for Service Managers, which allows quick and easy implementation of business rules in the Presence Suite. The Suite is operated entirely through a highly intuitive and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI). The tool incorporates a wide range of real-time and historical reports, providing total management control.

Contact Center unified communications system.

All Presence front-end interfaces have been redesigned using HTML web standards, offering a cross platform call center management solution that works within the framework of industry standard browsers on Windows and Linux operating systems.

The Web Supervisor includes a new tabbed organizational desktop. This new architecture allows the user to create personalized real-time dashboards and views using simple drag and drop functionality, offering the user the best possible viewing experience. Several dashboards can be defined and stacked like spreadsheets in a workbook, making management information quick and easy to access. The number of boards is only limited by the need and creativity of the user.

The new Web Architecture also offers the same flexibility for the creation of personalized reports, threshold alerts, and Campaign management tools. All of these easily personalized features are tied back to the user, so no matter where the user logs in, they will be presented their personalized desktop.


  • 60 real-time and historical configurable reports included out of the box (new ones can be created with Presence Custom Report).
  • Access is classified based on user account configuration defined in Presence Administrator.
  • Notifications can be sent from supervisors to agents with receipt confirmation.
  • Configuration options: service parameters, dialing algorithm, enable/disable loads, queue movements, queue mailbox management, predefined mail text and templates, intelligent routing, dispatcher management, etc.


  • Single and consolidated management tool for Contact Center Supervisors.
  • Very easy to use. Designed with the participation of real operational personnel from Contact Center outsourcers.
  • Changes can be made on-the fly without need to stop the services or campaign.
  • Accurate control – immediate actions.


Web Supervisor Features

  • Integrated User management tool, specifically designed to allow Supervisors the ability to manage agent moves, adds, and changes. Reduces dependence upon other departments to manage the system.
  • Access to applications, information and tools are segmented by service and/or functionality.
  • Extensive collection of real-time and historical contact center centric reports.
  • Offers the ability to create custom reports through a very intuitive integrated graphical report designer.
  • Dashboard view management:  Dashboards can be saved, modified and shared.
  • Display multi-service monitors and reports on one desktop.
  • New reports which are not available on the fat client (chat / multi-chat reporting).
  • Scheduler (Auto generation and distribution of a predefined report. For example send a call detail report email… every day).
  • Triggers / alerts: User definable thresholds and alerts for all services. Visual alerts in in the bottom right corner of the web supervisor screen.


Web Supervisor Product Sheet
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