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Presence RoboDialer, a broadcast call center dialer, provides the interface between Presence Voice Outbound and Presence IVR. RoboDialer auto dialing software has several advantages, like our extensive Presence Voice Outbound dialer capabilities, which includes load and campaign management.

Additionally, Presence IVR has features which allow organizations to design infinite combinations of work flows and strategies for outbound broadcast and/or inbound services, as well as connecting to external databases, running external DLLs or calling routing applications. Presence RoboDialerincludes a complete set of reports, delivering the important metrics your business needs to measure success.


Presence RoboDialer features

  • Auto-detection dialer engine, determines whether the call was answered by a live person, an answering machine, encountered a busy signal, went unanswered or has gone to a number no longer in service.
  • Loading Management / Automated Lists: enables information (leads / contacts) to be added to the dialing engine using various methods or formats.
  • Information prioritized at various levels; when loaded, it can be prioritized according to the desired grouping criteria.
  • Recordings Auto-Disable: Presence Voice Outbound can filter live recordings based on several sets of rules thus disabling outbound calls to those numbers. They can be re-enabled at any time.
  • Data Access / Operations: connection to external databases, execution of SQL statements.
  • Easy to use call flow design tool.
  • Integration: run external DLLs and HTTP requests.
  • Interaction: playback and recording of pre-recorded messages.
  • Presence RoboDialer offers a wide range of real-time and historical reports providing the information managers need, regarding the status and progress of loads, services/campaigns, call resolutions, etc.



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