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Call Center Recording Software

Every customer interaction is made up of countless details that determine client satisfaction and the overall effectiveness of agent communication. Presence Recording gives you the tools to create both audio and audio/visual records that help monitor key elements of quality assurance ranging from sales confirmations to regulatory compliance. The Recording module and the resulting files also provide excellent resources for training new hires and improving skills of existing staff.

With Presence Recording you can:

  • • Select between recording options: scheduled or on-demand
  • • Create audio files with or without video of agent screens.
  • • Apply filters, such as customer, transaction or business details, to search for specific files.
  • • Use the intuitive web-based management console for search and playback.
  • • Work in conjunction with Presence Scripting and initiate by automatic triggers.
  • • Start and stop a recording as needed for PCI compliance.
  • • Record and link transferred calls for complete recording and playback.
  • • Easily access recordings from the Presence Supervisor application.

All recorded files are protected with an AES 256-bit encryption key.

Whether you need recording software for verification, compliance or training purposes, Presence Recording has the necessary tools to help.

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Contact Center and Multi-Channel Solutions (American English)
Contact Center and Multi-Channel Solutions (British English)
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