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Outbound Dialer Software

Presence Outbound provides a flexible outbound dialing platform that focuses on operational efficiency and empowers business users to easily adapt to changing requirements. Part of the Presence multi-channel Contact Center Suite, Presence Outbound provides contact centers with the ability to contact customers and prospects effectively while maximizing resources. Presence Outbound enables you to:

  • • Accelerate sales cycles, improve contact ratios and drive more conversions
  • • Maximize the number of contacts dialed versus agent productivity to ensure that only live contacts are delivered to agents using an advanced algorithm
  • • Seamlessly reach more customers using a combination of robo, preview, progressive and predictive dialing modes to achieve better business results.
  • • Increase agent efficiency, active call time and overall productivity
  • • Proactively manage campaigns and monitor effectiveness using robust on-demand reporting capabilities
  • • Comply with regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Do Not Call lists
  • • Integrate with Presence Scripting to create sophisticated scripts for your agents and present a consistent brand message

Using a simple, intuitive user interface (UI), Presence Outbound minimizes the learning curve for existing employees and virtually eliminates the need for in-demand IT staff to configure and maintain the system.

To learn more about how Presence Outbound can give your business a competitive edge, contact us today.


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