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Inbound Call Center

Presence's Inbound Call Center software leverages a comprehensive arsenal of data, automated workflows, scripting, technical flexibility and features designed to help you optimize your customer interactions. With Presence Inbound you can:

  • • Provide holistic customer/issue context by displaying previous contact history and complete client data via screen pop and CRM integration
  • • Keep associated data “attached” to calls even through call transfers
  • • Improve First Call Resolution (FCR) by using skills group routing to place customers in contact with the most qualified available agent
  • • Access real-time, historical and custom reporting on call content, duration and disposition
  • • Easily adapt to volume by blending inbound and outbound calls and channels
  • • Automatically call back customers who don’t want to hold for an available agent while maintaining queue placement

With Presence's inbound call center software, contact centers are better equipped to manage customer interactions, thereby enhancing the customer experience. Our software gives you a 360° view of the calls your center handles--giving you the information you need to run a more efficient and effective business!

Inbound Product Sheet