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Contact Center ACD

Presence OpenGate is the SIP communication server used to enable Contact Center ACD.

This Contact Center ACD provides the flexibility to install leading edge technology and upsize it or downsize it with a minimum investment. OpenGate is designed to meet CTI requirements, regardless of previous telephony ownership or out-of-date systems.

This Contact Center ACD solution is an optimal option for those Contact Centers wanting to grow with their existing systems. OpenGate integrates with any CRM, ERP, CMI, and other systems used in most companies.

Contact Center ACD operates as a stand-alone solution or a gateway between the contact center and PSTN, throughT1/E1 interfaces or SIP trunk lines for VoIP.

Presence OpenGate allows companies to extend an existing PBX/ACD system to include ACD and CTI capabilities even if the existing switch does not have an ACD or CTI package in place.

  • Reduced cost
  • Quickly scales to adapt to increased Contact Center demands
  • OpenGate Call Center platform allows easy integration with other systems
  • Reduced implementation time
  • Reliability
  • Personalized solutions
  • VoIP Gateway or Agent Softphone
  • Contact Center Unified Communications
  • Support for Blending/Blended Call Center



Presence OpenGate (Brochure)
Contact Center and Multi-Channel Solutions (American English)
Contact Center and Multi-Channel Solutions (British English)