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Call Reporting Software

Keep your finger on the pulse with easy access to key metrics and data. Whether you’re looking for real-time statistics or historical data for analysis purposes, the Presence Reporting Tool makes it easy to obtain the necessary information you need to better manage your contact center agents and maintain optimal performance. The Presence Reporting tool provides:

  • • Data visibility across all Presence modules and multi-media channels for a more holistic view
  • • Real-time statistics and KPIs to effectively manage agents, queues and service levels
  • • Customizable dashboards with thresholds and alerts that use real-time monitoring of ACD queues, agent activity, campaign performance and list penetration.
  • • Access to historical reporting to identify trends, issues and opportunities

With the Presence Reporting tool, you’ll have more insight into the performance of your contact center operations to make more informed decisions.

Presence Widgets is the Presence Suite functional module that allows generating customizable views of Contact Center performance and productivity metrics, both in real time as well as historical, through a really simple configuration.

Call Reporting Software Product Sheet

Presence Widgets