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Call Center Scripting Software

Whether your contact center handles customer service, support or sales inquiries, one thing is certain – customers expect accurate, complete and personalized service.

Presence Scripting is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that’s designed to help guide agent dialogue while interacting with customers to deliver a more consistent and enhanced experience. Presence Scripting greatly expands your inbound and outbound capabilities and positively impacts your bottom line.

  • • Increase revenue opportunities through cross-sell and up-sell efforts
  • • Easily create and deploy sophisticated scripts without the need for IT assistance
  • • Rapidly adapt existing campaigns to changing business requirements; make edits on the fly
  • • Allows Supervisors to set operational rules, manage required fields, automate validation and provide agents access to information from external data sources
  • • Reduce agent training costs and improve call metrics
  • • Ensure adherence to internal processes and compliance requirements
  • • Enhance brand image through consistent messaging

Empower your agents today with the necessary tools and information to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. To learn more, call us today.

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