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Call Center Agent Software

The Presence Call Center Agent allows agents to interact with all the contact channels managed by the Presence Suite using a simple, front end toolbar. Designed to minimize desktop footprint, the Agent Toolbar frees up real estate for other important applications.

With Presence Agent:

  • • All interactions are managed through the Agent Toolbar, which includes a fully-featured softphone.
  • • Desktop footprint is minimized, enabling agents to easily access other applications
  • • Toolbar button activation is based on the channels assigned to the agent.
  • • Screen Pop provided on every interaction, including detailed information about the channel, service, data attached to the interaction, etc.
  • • Toolbar informs agents about supervisor notifications and service queue status
  • • Shortcuts to commonly used 3rd party applications can be published to the Toolbar

Presence Agent can be installed on the agent workstation or accessed through a web interface. To learn more about our Web Agent, click here.

Web Agent Product Sheet
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