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User Portal


This contact center management tool enables the system administrator to configure technical parameters of the Presence Suite telephony platform. It can also grant different levels of access and assign profiles for the various system users.


  • Unified Administration front-end for all Presence modules, including Presence OpenGate’s telephony configuration.
  • After a new module is activated, new icons and options show-up in the tool.
  • Strong but flexible security:
    • Embeds user, groups, and access rights administration.
    • Delegates/ segments administration supported at all levels allowing multiple combinations.
    • Access tracking for auditing purposes.
    • SDK to manage loads from external Apps.


  • One tool manages the solution end-to-end, from oneto many modules.
  • Duties Segmentation:
    • What you can configure.
    • On which services or campaigns.
    • Intuitive and easy to use graphical interface. It standardizes look & feel across all administration modules minimizing training time.
  • Specifically designed to adapt the solution to dynamic needs with minimum time.



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