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About CirriusImpact

CirriusImpact is managed by CGS, an expert in contact center service delivery, and offers a single source for analysis, implementation, and support. The flexible solutions allow quick ramp up during transitional times while the modular portfolio allows incremental application functionality to be added as needed to a system. The CGS data center is built to government specifications, redundant at all levels, and segmented by client, ensuring the highest level of security.

CGS, LLC has been providing operation, hosting, and sales execution services since 2003. Operating out of Edison, New Jersey, the company offers world-class, full life-cycle business services.  CGS applies the latest technologies and has an experience technical operations facility, as well as a custom data center which features the latest in security, redundancy, and green technology.  In addition, the company offers day-to-day business consulting services and support, helping businesses make the right financial decision and consideration to avoid expensive capital expenditures.