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Call Center Software Solutions

Call center software is a series of applications and management tools that allow for the automation, monitoring and quality control of call center operations. Most of this software can be divided in two different categories: CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

CTI software manages pop-up screens, dialing, call routing and reporting functions, meaning the agent will not waste time dialing numbers, waiting for the customer to answer or searching for the customer in the company database to check the customer record. The most advanced CTI solutions integrate all the different processes and functionalities into a unified core so today’s call center agents, supervisors, and administrators only need to use one single piece of software to manage all their daily activities.

CRM applications provide a way to manage relationships between the customer and company using technology by organizing, automating and synchronizing all business processes and areas especially Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Support activities.

Presence Technology provides an all-in-one CTI solution, with both desktop and web unified end-user applications for call center staff, such as agents, supervisors or administrators. The suite integrates all operations into a unified core, which manages automatic dialing, monitoring and reporting. Presence SDK allows for an easy integration with most current CRM software, merging the call center activities with all the business processes.