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Call center reporting software

Call center reporting software and monitoring tools are essential in order to guarantee a certain level of service and quality regarding customer care. Monitoring tools allow contact center supervisors to monitor in real time key performance indicators such as conversion rates, contacts in queue, abandon rates, handling times, etc. All this information can also be stored in the business database which is essential to store useful historical data.

Architecture for reporting and monitoring tools can be divided into two main elements: data storing and data displaying. To store data, a business database is usually required, due to the high amount of data generated by contact call operations. To display data, most businesses use specific software that converts data into visual representations such as graphs and tables. Certain tools allow both functions to work on a single piece of software.

Presence Reporting is a group of call report solutions focused on improving management and control processes in Call Centers. Call Center Managers and Supervisors acquire total control over their campaigns and services in real time or remotely. This provides Managers and Supervisors with the right information to make decisions which improve services and productivity. The information is stored in the software’s database and available through a unified management tool for supervisors.