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Call center recording solutions

Call center recording involves the capturing and storing of audio files produced by call center activities. This operation may be useful for quality control, agent activity logging or for legal purposes.

Call center recordings can be triggered under two types of premises: when the call meets conditions of a predefined plan (for instance, if there are certain services or logins involved) or a request is made on demand during the call. In the latter case, the recording tool must be integrated with the CTI, so the operator can make the request or the recording can be automatically triggered by the software when a certain condition is met. Examples of a condition being met are if the agent selects an option from a script, or if the agent launches a certain tool or even if specific words are detected in the conversation.

Presence Recording can work either under a predefined plan or from an agent/script request. Presence Recording validates the recording plan when each call goes through the ACD. Once the call meets one or more parameters, it is recorded from beginning to end. When an agent makes a request, Presence Recording delivers a pop-up message to ask if the call should be recorded, allowing agents to decide what parts are recorded after requesting customer’s permission.