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Video interactions

Voice is shifting to the Internet and the Web is becoming the entry gate to the Contact Center, which is stepping up activity across the data network in a very meaningful way. The audiovisual rise has imposed, and video is becoming the axis of the customer service centers transformation. It is a key facilitator for building trust and to enhance good experiences (people react more favorably to visual cues than audio signals) and this brings with them an increase in business and higher revenues for companies.

Presence Video Interactions

  • It puts the emphasis on getting close technology to the people, facilitating and simplifying the way to use it, through an innovative unique interaction audiovisual channel, universal and integrated based on WebRTC (real time communication Web technology).
  • It contributes to the service quality improvement and customer satisfaction, being a differential factor for customer acquisition, loyalty and retention. Hence, its use makes a lot of sense to satisfy the user’s expectations who want to receive a close, personalized, efficient and quality service.
  • Provides the Contact Center with a complete audiovisual management of interactions, end-to-end, giving the agent the ability to maintain a seamless audio and video communication in real time with customers who wish to use this channel of communication with the Contact Center.
  • It complements the chat channel functionality in the attendance by the Web with the use of video that allows the user talk with the agent in the Chat session or Web collaboration without having to use the telephone network or establish a voice call thanks to the 100% WebRTC communication.
  • It makes easy the contact, without effort, so that the client can solve their queries in real time with a contact center agent, in the context of a web navigation, increasing the conversion time and avoiding frustrations for not having this effective capacity.