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Presence Suite

Transform your contact center from a cost center to a growth engine

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Presence Suite

Accelerate the growth of your contact center processes with an omni channel solution, flexible and adaptable to your needs.


Introducing the most scalable, flexible End-to-End Multi-Channel Contact Center Solution.

Customer (R)evolution

Solutions that make a difference!

Our solutions are versatile, easy to integrate, and built to be user friendly. Presence End-to-End Multi-Channel Contact Center Solution gives you flexible effective options. Allowing you to manage the ever changing customers’ demands and provide the best Customer Care and Service possible.
Today’s Customer (R)evolution commands solutions that manage the integration of web, chat, email, social media and phone to respond, and resolve in a timely manner a customer’s needs. Successful businesses today understand that maintaining exceptional customer experiences creates loyalty that pays off more than any other initiative you may be considering.

It’s critical for businesses to interact with their customers the way and when the customer chooses.

Presence Multi-Channel Solution