Unified contact center software to optimize customer experience

Unified contact center software
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Contact centers must focus their strategies on the customer and evolve according to their needs. However, traditional PBX platforms are very limited in scalability. Additionally, they are complex in enabling efficient communications between call center teams. This ultimately translates into low productivity, lower return on investment and customer journey disruption.

To counteract these limitations, it is crucial to migrate to Unified Communications environments. This will increase the collaborative capabilities of the contact center and reduce the total cost of technology ownership. Also optimizing business processes by improving the customer experience and accelerating return on investment.

Greater collaboration to optimize customer journey

A unified communications platform enhances the contact center’s collaborative functionalities. It allows integration of all types of communications from any channel, in a single interface. Hence, making the most of the capabilities of digital transformation with omnichannel technology.

Thus, work teams can efficiently support each other and increase their productivity. In addition, they can make decisions quickly. As a result, the time agents spend searching for information to serve customers reduces. Increasing first call resolution ratios.

Accompaniment in the migration process

For the migration process to be successful, it is essential that the technology provider offer a very close accompaniment. Tracing the best route and making the transition cause as little disruption to the operation as possible.

As a recommendation, the process should have phases. Maintaining both the old and the new infrastructure working simultaneously. Thus, if there is any inconvenience installing the new system, the operation can quickly react and use the old one.

Scalability is key

The migration process goes beyond just changing the technology infrastructure. To ensure that the business always has the ability to respond to its customers, it is important to ensure scalability.

For this, it is critical that the platform is modular and allows adding or removing solutions. Depending on customer demand and external factors to the operation. Consequently, ensuring to meet their needs in any communication channel and maintaining the context of their interactions.

In order to remain competitive and cope with the pace of digital transformation, contact centers must evolve to unified communications platforms. Relying on technology providers to know the best path to take. Hence, the migration is transparent and does not affect the customer experience. In this way, the new environment will facilitate collaboration between work teams. Leveraging the benefits of digital transformation and ensuring scalability to meet customer needs at all times.

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