This is how we lived the fourth edition of Enghouse Summit

Artificial Intelligence in the contact center
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There is still much to develop about artificial intelligence in the contact center but its applications in other areas are already part of our daily lives. How does this reality affect companies, customers and their employees? This was the axis of discussion of the Summit, which we celebrated last May 22.

Where we are going

Carlos Martinez, managing director of Enghouse Interactive, welcomed the event. First, he recalled the objective of this meeting: to become a reference in the sector. To share what is happening in it and what changes are already taking place to adapt to the future easier.

Following this line of thought, Santiago Muñoz-Chápuli, founder and CEO of ON Soluciones, talked about how technologies have changed our lives. With practical examples of easy recognition, voice transcription among others. Consequently, he showed the evolution of machines and their capabilities. Making it clear that what seemed a distant future and almost impossible a few years ago, is now a reality.

With a common thread based on films and series, Carlos Alburquerque, New Business Development of Enghouse Interactive, began his presentation with a review of the industrial revolutions of recent centuries. Expressing that technological advances, in their different forms, have always been a means to facilitate the work of humans. Never a means to replace them.

He also spoke about complementary Enghouse solutions or solutions based on AI, such as virtual assistants and chatbots. He also showed a demo of the virtual assistant, Alexa, interacting with the contact center solution, Presence Suite.

The voice of our customers

Francesc Hernández, Customer Service and Sales Manager of Rajapack, presented his success story about implementing Presence Suite in the company. The software has helped to organize and automate processes that used to be chaotic, increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

By implementing Enghouse’s Contact Center solution, Rajapack has come to have a 360º view of its business and its customers. This allowed them to take full advantage of the new email and IVR channels, previously non-existent. In addition, to have a fully productive and profitable outbound service. Automated by the different types of clients and agents’ skills.

With this technological change, contact center productivity has increased by more than 1500% and. It has also reached service levels of 92% and customer attention levels of 98.2%.

Artificial Intelligence vs Humans

At the coffee break, attendees could interact with Pepper, one of the protagonists of the day. After this, Javier Martinez, Customer Engineering Manager of Google Cloud, spoke about the company’s vision regarding AI. Then, he commented on some of the projects they have been developing in recent years. He made it clear that his intention is not to compete with the Contact Center. However, to complement it since it is one of the areas in which this technology could have greater developments.

Javier made it clear that artificial intelligence technologies and predictive models are still at an incipient stage. Nevertheless, they are tested in controlled projects to learn from the mistakes that may arise and understand how they can be applied to the business.

Finally, Javier Luxor, a renowned mentalist, left the public hallucinated with his ability to guide the mind and thoughts. Wanting to demonstrate with it the role of the human being in front of technology.

Recognize our clients’ best practices

To close, we presented the m3 Excellence Awards. In this fourth edition the winners were:

M3 Excellence Loyalty Award 2019 for the great achievements obtained in productivity and profitability of its platform: Rajapack

M3 Excellence Innovation Award 2019 for being one of the most innovative companies when it comes to implementing Enghouse solutions. Integrating them with different business tools and quickly adapting to the requirements of its customers: Tessi

At the end of the day, we could summarize that the development of technology is advancing faster and faster. Hence, we must be able to seize the opportunity and overcome resistances and fears. Only companies that understand this opportunity and its potential for growth will lead their businesses.

Remember the best moments of the day here.

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