The voice of the client: How do you analyze it and use it to improve the customer experience?

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According to Gartner Group, today nearly 89% of companies are competing based on the level of customer experience they offer. This experience has become one of the critical differentiating factors of leading, sustainable and competitive companies in all economic sectors. When a company offers its clients a memorable and differentiating experience, it multiplies its profitability and value. That experience can only be offered if the customer’s voice is managed correctly.

Why listen to the Voice of the Client

The voice of the client is a key pillar in the strategy of 85% of companies. However, not all of them have a strategy and objectives defined in Customer Experience, as more than 22% say they do not have clear goals at the moment and 16% do not have initiatives and specific operational plans to improve their customers’ experience.

In order to move into practice, companies must implement processes and tools that allow them to analyze interactions with customers. To have defined dashboards and KPIs, and to use quantitative or quality tools that allow this analysis and its later inclusion in the processes of attention and relationship with the client. Guaranteeing in this way that the processes in the contact center are satisfactory and useful for the users, and therefore improving the customer experience.
Thanks to the technology, it is possible to store all the data produced in the thousands of daily interactions with customers. Using BI or automation tools, you can analyze the KPIs you configure in seconds to make business decisions. The implementation of a complete contact center solution that integrates all these tools. As well as the operation management tools, facilitates the implementation of these decisions. There is no need to export and integrate information from one tool to another.

Thanks to listening to the Voice of the Customer in the Contact Center we can get:

  • Understand the most common causes of dissatisfaction and resolve them.
  • Be faster when solving recurring incidents or problems.
  • Implement new processes or channels of attention if we detect that we are not attending correctly as expected by users.

81% of customers are more likely to re-hire services or products with a company after a good customer experience. And knowing that it is much harder to find new customers than to retain them, listening to the Voice of the Customer becomes the key to generating loyalty and engagement.


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