Technology to improve Customer Service: case study

technology to improve customer service
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Affinion International needed to automate customer attention and offer personalized service

The company offers protection and lifestyle products to more than 65,000,000 members worldwide. Due to of a growing customer base, Affinion needed to improve its responsiveness. Thus, it needed to automate the process of identifying its customers and providing them with attention according to their particular needs.

After implementing technology for the optimization of its contact center, Affinion was able to customize the trip of its customers:

  • The speed with which each one is identified was increased. Reducing management time by 12 seconds per call.
  • Freeing your agents from routine tasks to focus on interactions of greater value to your customers.

With this new technological platform, the company has managed to transform its contact center and take advantage of the investment made in its CRM. Hence, integrating it with the customer service tools to offer personalized service and according to the needs of its customers.

Download the case study and learn how Affinion International achieved these results

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