Quality Management Suite: Measure service quality and customer satisfaction

service quality and customer satisfaction
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Contact centers need to measure and improve service quality and customer satisfaction. This in order to offer total satisfaction and to be able to optimize business processes constantly. However, you can´t improve what can´t be measured. Deficiencies to document processes that offer an understanding of the operation and the client, not having evidence in the case of complaints and shortcomings both in the monitoring of the agents and in their training affects customer experience and the quality of the contact center processes.

Quality Management Suite helps solve these issues. Through a wide portfolio of functionalities for customer support processes optimization. In this way, it allows maintaining high quality standards in the contact center in order to add value to each point of the customer journey.

Data collection to boost customer experience

Contact centers have a high volume of information flowing throughout the operation every day. Documenting this information is essential to evaluate the performance of processes, systems and agents. Here it is essential to have a tool that allows collection and analysis of data by means of customized reports.

Reports are important to find broken pieces in the process of customer interaction. These issues may be related to agent´s work, the tools used or the processes. Therefore, it is fundamental to have a solution that allows measuring everything that happens in the contact center.

Improve service quality in real time

Detecting inconsistencies within the processes is vital to improve quality of customer service in any company. Nevertheless, doing so live, in real time, is key for the contact center´s operation. Live monitoring, in a silent and non-intrusive way, allows controlling agents while they work without affecting their performance.

The contact center´s supervisors can listen to the agents’ conversations and observe their screens. In this way, the resolution of customer requirements is under the scrutiny of experts who ensure that meet their expectations to the fullest. Correcting errors as they happen and sending private messages to agents to guide them during the interaction.

A solution that works as primary witness in case of complaints

“In order to provide quality and security, we may record this call”. We have all heard this audio in some call to a contact center. There is a high chance that it is recorded, but not only to measure the quality of the service. In case of a claim by a client, the contact center must have proof of what happened in the interaction. Consequently, a tool that allows audio and screen recording of what the agent said is critical.

For example, a customer who has purchased a telephone and internet service through a voice call to a contact center. He claims there are some clauses in his service contract he never agreed to. The contact center can review its repository of recordings, access that particular conversation, and assess whether the client is right or not.

Trained agents to improve the operation

Live monitoring also works as a training tool for agents. Evaluating their behavior and performance is crucial to developing best practices and a guidance sheet on what to do and what to avoid in the contact center.

The recordings of the interactions (voice and video) work as another training element. Contact centers can use them during their training plans to highlight what agents are doing well. With this information, the contact center can establish an evaluation and qualification program for its agents. Through scorecards with a wide range of criteria about how to handle each call. The better trained the agents are, the better the resolution of the client’s requirements. Consequently, the experience of the latter will have a greater chance of being successful.

Measuring the quality of the contact center processes has a direct impact on customer service. Moreover, the quality improvement has an immediate impact if done in real time. By collecting information and analyzing it, prevention of inconsistencies in agent´s tasks and processes take place. Learning from bad practices and replicating good ones. In this way, contact centers can guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction.

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