Outbound Contact Center Predictive Dialer Benefits

Outbound contact center predictive dialer
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Despite the growing demand for digital channels and self-service platforms, voice outbound calls are still the most used means of communication in a contact center to facilitate interaction with customers. However, contacting them through manual dialing results in low productivity, high call abandonment rates, high operating costs and, above all, customer dissatisfaction.Implementing a predictive dialer allows to solve these needs, by automating the process intelligently. Allowing efficiency increase of outbound call, taking full advantage of resources and guaranteeing an optimal customer experience.

Manual dialing vs predictive dialing

In manual dialing, the contact center agents dial the records one by one. Either through a previously lo aded list or by entering the number in the dialing system. In this way, they have to wait until the call connects to a live person. This may happen because the person that the agent is calling is either busy on another call or the number is wrong.

The manual process depends largely on human skill, so it is also subject to errors. Agents spend most of their time searching their databases for the numbers they are going to dial and re-dialing the ones that did not answer. Hence, the process delays inefficiently, since there is no way to filter type of situation.

In contrast, predictive dialers function without human intervention. They predict the availability of agents and send them calls only when they are connected to a live person who is ready to talk. Even before the agent has finished a call, the system is already dialing a new one.

Applying intelligence to the dialing process to improve its efficiency

The predictive dialer not only automates the dialing process, it does so intelligently. It analyzes information stored in the databases that contain the records and statistics of the agents’ behavior. Information such as the rate of contact, average time of the call, time of day when the call is made and availability of the agent. Then, through algorithms, it predicts the correct moment to send the call to the agent that is better qualified to manage it. Consequently, it only sends “live” contacts, ready to start the conversation.

The predictive dialing system allows identifying busy call tones, automatic answering machines and wrong numbers. In this way, the agent will not have to dial the numbers again. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of establishing dialing priorities depending on call peaks and seasonality. This way, it can increase or decrease the intensity of the dialing.

Higher productivity

A greater number of effective calls achieved in a shorter time translates into greater productivity. In this way, the agent can focus on what really matters: talking with customers. The agent’s talk time will radically increase, thus also increasing the chance of converting into a sale or revenue for the company.

On the other hand, the predictive dialer improves productivity by offering blending between outbound and inbound calls. This means that when there are no scheduled outbound calls, agents can deal with inbound calls. That way they will not waste their time at any time of the day.

Resource Optimization

Unnecessary downtimes mean high operating costs. Cost reduction is another benefit associated with a greater efficiency of the dialing process. By eliminating the time spent dialing records, listening to busy tones and waiting online while contacting a live person, costs are significantly reduced. Equally, eliminating the idle times that agents have when they are not busy in calls through blending between inbound and outbound campaigns.

It is essential to have knowledge of each record prior to calling. The predictive dialer allows displaying relevant information about the contact. This gives the agent the ability to understand the nature of the call and prepare before dialing it. With this information at first hand, the agent can offer customized attention, facilitating a more effective engagement.

Predictive dialers increase the productivity of outbound calls by 200% to 300%. Automating through an exhaustive analysis of information and optimizing without risking the quality of customer experience. They allow eliminating tasks that hinder the process and do not add value. Above all, they maximize the main objective of outbound calls: achieving contacts that are more effective by dedicating the greater amount of time to customer engagement.

You already know the main benefits of predictive dialers in the contact center. Would you like to know the top ten reasons for buying one? Download our Guide to Predictive Dialing.

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