Leads to Deals: A profitable challenge

Leads to Deals: A profitable challenge
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Marketing strategies are vital in the sales operation of any company. Prospect attraction is certainly important, but we must also look at all that comes later: convert that prospect into a buyer, which is a growing challenge.

Leads to Deals: A profitable challenge

The channels through which customers communicate to companies, whether online or offline, have proliferated widely and have changed the landscape in which customers contact companies to look for answers or acquire products and services. No one doubts that through a multichannel strategy opportunities can be resolved and turn it into new sales opportunities.

This process is crucial and all departments should be aligned in the whole cycle, from acquisition, purchase to post sales processes to ensure proper customer experience and adequate “care” of the client. But this process should focus on two basic pillars to function properly to truly monetize those efforts.

1. The contact with the client must be based on a value added relationship. The deep knowledge of our audience, their preferences and characteristics are very important but equally important it is the right training for all personnel involved in treating them and that specific systems (incentives, salary etc) are in place to support it.

2. Business processes, tools and enterprise systems must be designed and configured to provide this care and multichannel should provide a basis for robust and reliable relationship to increase the sales conversion ratio. It must be simple and constructed consistent with this strategy.

We have long been hearing about these concepts and how they can help in the growth of company sales, many companies have adopted different protocols and strategies successfully and others are still trying different approaches. The truth is that we already have valuable experience of success, good and bad practices, so any company that is dedicated to customer service can implement such initiatives in a cost effective manner.

With the optimum treatment of opportunities, taking care of the processes and the management of each contact looking for a long term relationship that lasts over time, the company will be able to increase their sales exponentially up to two digits.

We are in a world of “buyers ” rather than “sellers” , with plenty of information, commercial offerings and marketing activities requiring contact centers to handle a large volume of relevant and consolidated information for all the possible interaction channels . Managers need to personalize each customer interaction, documenting the most effective dialogues and meeting every request accurately and correctly to avoid mistakes, combining multiple sources of information, motivating and influencing the prospect.

In the end, whether the outcome is a win or a loose, you would need the analysis and reporting tools that will help you improve close rates and boost sales processes by identifying the metrics that are important to identify the areas for improvement.


Antonio Gracia. Product Manager. Presence Technology

The opinions reflected in this blog are individual opinions and do not reflect the views of Presence Technology


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