Interview to Santiago Espada, Contact Center Director Idiso

Interview to Santiago Espada, Contact Center Director Idiso
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Idiso is a Spanish based leading source of hotel operations and distribution services. Idiso sells, confirms and services reservation for any size hotel (city and resort, large or small), is easily accessible and highly effective on or offline for tour operators, travel agents and guest.

Interview to Santiago Espada, Contact Center Director Idiso

Idiso, serves more than 2,000 hotels, including the Melia chain. Presently in 35 countries across 4 continents, Idiso provides a hotel inventory distribution services designed to connect to any hotel and their existing distribution channels.

Idiso uses a powerful online mobile booking engine available in 25 languages. Their services can connect to any travel agency both online and, offline has a call center service, a wide range of web design services for hotels, online marketing and revenue management. Their services enable hotels to book reservation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, both nationally and internationally.

Currently, Idiso employees more than 260 people in the headquarters of Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, St. Petersburg and Shanghai.

Recently, the company moved its call center operations that services Melia from Latin America to Spain. Santiago Espada, Director of Contact Center Idiso gives us some insight into the move:

Q-Originally where was Customer Service for Melia located?

R-The call center was outsourced to a different company and was located in Sao Paulo.

Q. Why move to Spain?

R-Melia decided to go with trusted call center outsourcer Idiso and move to Madrid for several reasons. Meliá and Idiso share a keen product knowledge and expertise in the tourism industry on one hand, and we also wanted to capitalize on the synergies with our current call center in Europe.

Q. What are the advantages for the company to move?

R-International 24 hour service 365 days, increased sales, improved customer experience, a specialized staff more familiar with the Meliá product, a stronger team more in line with the companies changing objectives.

Q. Has your contact center experienced any downside with move?

R-Not really.

Q-How many positions did you relocate?

R-About 35 positions

Q-What, if any return is the company seeing with this move?

R-Sales are up nearly 50%, and some months even higher- up more than 100%.

Q-Do you have any additional plans to centralize?

Yes, we are also planning to relocate our call center in Russia.

Idiso is not unique; recently some Spanish companies are seeing a significant synergy created by bring their call centers back in the country with the company’s corporate headquarters.

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